Keith Mitchell's Biography

Keith Mitchell graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Edinburgh University in 1984. After a year with Acorn Computers in Cambridge, he went on to attend University College London's advanced M.Sc. course in Data Communications Networks and Distributed Systems, where he first used what is now known as the Internet nearly 30 years ago.

From 1986 until 1991, Keith worked for Edinburgh-based Networking company Spider Systems, initially on TCP/IP and X.25 software development. For the latter half of his time at Spider, Keith was responsible for developing and maintaining Spider's international TCP/IP-based internal network, and represented Spider on the board of the UK Internet Consortium, a pressure group seeking to make Internet services available in the UK.

In early 1992, Keith joined Unipalm to become one of the founders of PIPEX, the UK's first commercial Internet provider. After 3 years as PIPEX Technical Manager, Keith became Head of Engineering of PIPEX International, supporting wholesale Internet connections to providers outside the UK.

From May 1996 until September 2000, Keith's involvement since its 1994 inception with the London InterNet eXchange (LINX) became the full-time role of Executive Chairman of this UK not-for-profit inter-provider organisation. During this time, the LINX grew to become the largest Internet Exchange Point outside the US, and one of the top 5 globally. At Keith's departure, it had 110 member ISPs, 16 staff, and £2 million revenue.

In September 2000, Keith and three other former LINX Directors founded XchangePoint, in conjunction with their proposal to conduct a management buy-out of the LINX. This was a pan-European commercial provider of Internet interconnect and peering services, in which Keith was a founder investor. During Keith's term as Chief Technical Officer, by end 2004 XPE Europe grew to some 200 customers in London, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

Between 2004 and 2006 Keith served as Technical Director of the UK Internet Forum, where he set up the UK Network Operators' Forum. Keith is currently Managing Director of UKNOF which holds regular successful meetings of British ISPs.

In 2006 Keith moved to the USA to become Programme Manager of the DNS Operations, Analysis and Research Center (DNS- OARC), where he grew its member and revenue base by over 30%, and was responsible for OARC's independent nonprofit incorporation while serving as its President. In 2008 Keith was appointed as Director of Engineering at the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), and in 2011 became its VP of Systems Engineering. During his time at ISC, company revenue and engineering headcount more than doubled.

In July 2012, Keith left ISC to setup his own company, SMOTI Enterprises Inc., which contracts and contributes his leadership services to a number of Internet engineering nonprofits, most significantly a return to DNS- OARC as its President.

Keith has served as a non-executive Director of Nominet UK (1996-2002), and Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board (1997-99).

Other activities include:

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