Contacting Keith Mitchell by E-mail

Tirade (sorry)

Contact e-mail addresses I publish are for person-to-person correspondence only.
Please note that sending unsolicited bulk messages (Spam) to any of my e-mail
addresses is regarded as an abuse of resources, and measures are taken on
an ongoing basis to protect these. I maintain a personal blacklist, and
organisations which persistently subscribe me to mailing lists without my
permission, and/or fail to honour my unsubscribe requests, will be placed on this.
All mail from these offenders will be bounced unread.

PLEASE don't subscribe any of my published e-mail addresses to any mailing list.
However relevant or well-intentioned this is unwelcome, and I regard it at least as a
discourtesy and at worst no different from spamming. If you think there's a mailing
list I need to be on, ask me first, and I will give you an appropriate alternative
address to subscribe.

If you want me to respond to your e-mail quickly, beware I normally filter large/
proprietary attachments, and there may be a delay in me seeing the contents until
I get to connectivity fast enough to download them to a compatible platform. Please
don't send me Apple proprietary closed formats such as Keynote or Numbers as I can't
read these at all. HTML, ODF and PDF attachments are okay.

Please also think twice before trusting any information you want to share with me
to some 3rd party's cloud over which neither of us have control.

Finally, note that I don't do Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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