Contacting Keith Mitchell by E-mail

Please prefix the following domains with "keith"
to contact me as follows:
For DNS-OARC business.
For UK Network Operators' Forum business.
For other professional matters.
In a personal/private capacity
(e.g. friends, family, social, colleagues)
Not intended for business use, please.

I'm also reachable on various instant messaging systems, my preference
is using the Open Jabber/XMPP protocol via my OARC address above,
or via smoti17 on Google Talk/Hangouts (though please don't use this
address for email) for non-OARC matters. If you prefer to use non-open
IM platforms like Skype or Slack, please ask me first, as they don't work too
well with the Linux-based platforms and/or hearing assistive tech that I use.
I also stopped using Yahoo due to their security/privacy shambles.

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