Keith Mitchell's Diary

Planned Whereabouts

Note that on weeks when I'm not on the road, for at least one of Tue/Wed/Thu
instead of using my home office, I work out of the OARC office in the nearby
PIN Bureau facility.

January 2020
Sat 11thTue 14thEdinburgh
Tue 14thThu 16thUKNOF45, London
Fri 24thFeb 2ndVacation, Peru

February 2020
Wed 5thSun 9thOARC32, San Francisco
Mon 10thWed 12thNANOG78, San Francisco
Thu 13thFri 14thOARC All-Hands, Redwood City CA

March 2019
Thu 5thTue 9thCoT, Houston, TX

Last updated 30-Dec-19

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