Keith Mitchell's Diary

Planned Whereabouts

Note that on weeks when I'm not on the road, for at least one of Tue/Wed/Thu
instead of using my home office, I work out of the OARC office in the nearby
PIN Bureau facility.

March 2019

April 2019
Tue 9th UKNOF43, Manchester
Thu 11thFri 12thISO XXI, Burbank CA (TBC)

May 2019
Thu 9thSat 11thICANN IDS, Bangkok
Sun 12thMon 13thOARC30, Bangkok
Sun 19thThu 23rdRIPE78, Reykjavik
Fri 24thMon 26thEdinburgh

June 2019
Sun 9thWed 12thNANOG76, Washington DC

July 2019
Sun 21stThu 25thIETF105, Montreal
Fri 26thMon 29thTBC Vancouver

August 2019
Wed 28thSep 3rdMontreal TBC

September 2019
Mon 9thWed 11thUKNOF44, Belfast TBC

October 2019
Mon 30thFri 18thRIPE79, Rotterdam
Mon 28thWed 30thNANOG77. Austin TX
Thu 31stNov 1stOARC31. Austin TX

Last updated 05-Mar-19

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